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Offering children's classes in classical ballet, tap and jazz for the 2017-2018 Dance  Season.


Available Classes

~~~2017-2018 Dance Season~~~

Class Descriptions

Creative 3's and 4's - This class is designed with the young dancer in mind. Class focus is on creative movement, rhythm, and basic ballet technique.

Pre-Primary - Designed for the dancer that knows basic ballet and will incorporate simple dance steps, pattern, and rhythms in their creative movement in a disciplined environment.

Primary/Tap or Jazz Combo - This class focuses on refining the dancers ballet technique, free movement and dance knowledge. Introduction to barre work and simple progressions. Also, combining beginner tap or jazz.

Secondary 1 - This class will refine the dancers basic ballet knowledge with a strong focus in correct body placement and carriage. Class consists of warm up, barre, center, and reverance.

Secondary 2 - Refines the young dancers basic knowledge of ballet, placement and carriage. Begin to incorporate dance sequences into the daily regime of warm-up, barre, centre, and reverance. 

Secondary 3 - Refines the experienced young dancers understanding of ballet, including adagio, allegro, cent, and progressions. Emphasis on correct execution of ballet steps and body placement.

Pre-Intermediate - Explores the experienced young dancers knowledge and advancement of ballet as a discipline. Continuation of daily regime of warm-up, barre, centre, and reverance. Advanced ability to follow dance sequences with correct body placement and execution of steps.

 Intermediate 1 - Intermediate dance technique focusing on slow adagio, basic turns and jumps. As well as refining basic ballet technique.

Intermediate 2 - Intermediate/Advanced dance technique focusing on barre work, combinations, allegro and adagio.

Jazz classes - Consist of proper warm up, movement, progressions, and cool down. Jazz classes may also incorporate lyrical or hip-hop.

Tap classes - Broadway and street style tap.

Tumbling - An introduction to the basic skills of tumbling.  Beginning with rolls, bridges and handstands and progressing to skills they can perform in dance routines such as kicks, walk-overs and cartwheels, while also incorporating additional strength and stretching exercises. Designed for those students ages 7 and up.

 2017-2018 Season Schedule

We are a classical ballet studio, all dancers must be enrolled in a core ballet class, no exceptions.

Some classes are full, see below. You can contact us to be placed on the waitlist or for other class recommendations.


Children's Core Ballet Classes

Creative 3/4's  - Tues, 4-4:30 (FULL)  OR Wed, 6-6:30 (FULL)

Pre-Primary - Wed, 5:15-6 (FULL)


Primary/Tap Combo - Tues, 4:30-5:30 (FULL)

Primary/Jazz Combo - Wed, 4:15-5:15 (FULL)


Secondary 1 - Wed, 6:30-7:15 (FULL)

Secondary 2 - Tues, 6-6:45 (FULL)

Secondary 3/Pre-Intermediate - Thur, 4:15-5:15 (FULL)


Upper Division Core Ballet Classes

Intermediate 1 - Mon, 6-7 AND Thur, 6:15-7:15 (FULL)

Intermediate 2 - Mon, 7:45-8:45 AND Thur, 6:15-7:15 (FULL)


*Pointe Prep - Thur, 5:45-6:15 (FULL)

*Pointe - Thur, 7:15-8 (FULL)

*Pointe Prep and Pointe by invitation only.


All dancers must be enrolled in a ballet class to enroll in any additional disciplines


Tap Classes

Beg/Int. Tap - Tues, 5:30-6pm (FULL)

Int Tap - Thur, 5:15-5:45

Adv. Tap - Thur, 8-8:30 (FULL)


Jazz Classes

Beginning Jazz - Tues, 6:45-7:30 (2 spaces)

Beginning Jazz - Wed, 7:15-7:45 (2 spaces)

Int. Jazz - Mon, 5:15-6 (2 spaces)

Adv. Jazz - Mon, 7-7:45 (FULL)


Tumbling Classes

Beg/Int Tumbling - Wed, 7:45-8:30 (FULL)


Classes are subject to change due to lack of enrollment, each class must have a minimum of 4 students enrolled.



Per Student, Per Month

Earlybird Rates

(Received on or before the 1st)

Core Ballet Class:
30min class             $35
All other classes     $40
Additional Class(es):


Additional Tumbling Class:

*Example: A student enrolled in Secondary 2  with Beg Jazz and Beg/Int Tap  would be $90 monthly if received by the 1st of each month (Core class $40, plus $25 for tap and $25 for jazz)

Normal Rates
(Received After the 1st)
Core Ballet Class:
30min class              $45
All other classes      $50

Additional Class(es):


Additional Tumbling Class:


Private Lessons:
$50/per hour. 
Partial hours are billed at the hourly minimum. 

Registration fee

$20/per student

$10/for each additional family member

*Sibling Discount
 All families with two or more students receive a 5% discount off combined per student tuition.

*Pay in full Discount 

5% if paid in full for the year at the time of registration. Please note that paying for the full year is a commitment, full or partial refunds will not be made. 

*To uphold the integrity and hard work of our students our season runs from Sept-May. Students seeking to enroll for a partial session (Jan-May) will be charged an additional 20% on tuition rates.

We accept cash or check. Credit/Debit card accepted with additional processing fee.