Dance Through Life

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Come and explore the wonderful world of dance with us. We offer childrens classes in classical ballet, tap and jazz.

Dance...from the heart.

Welcome to The Dance Academy! We are celebrating our 14th season in Star; I am delighted to be a part of such a wonderful community!  

The Dance Academy strives to instill the wonderful art of dance into each and every student that walks through our doors. Through personal engagement and compassion we design each class with the individual dancer in mind. Our instructors are highly trained and truly care about the growth of each student. Dance isn't just about going to class once a week and having a yearly recital, it's much more! It's about the history, the knowledge, and the joy that comes when a new step has been accomplished. Our classes not only teach dance, but allow the students to gain life lessons and personal skills including confidence, self awareness, kindness, compassion, responsibility and commitment.

~Miss Amber

COVID-19 Update has been emailed to all enrolled families. Please check your email for our studio guidelines during this time. Any and all changes will be communicated via email. (Last update sent 3/27.)

Open enrollment is now closed, please contact us to be put on the waitlist for the 2020/2021 season!